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Comedy · It is a movie-riddle, a movie-joke, a movie-labyrinth. 4 parts and 4 travels to the sea, 4 crossed short stories: Love, Friendship, Respect and Cooperation. Heroes of each of the short. .. Chapiteau Show See more» " Shapito-shou" is so-called "art-house"film and "a film for wide audience" at the same time. Shapito-show. likes. this film Russian community. The name of movie is "Shapito show". It is new art house physiological and philosophy film in 4 parts - Love, Friendship, Respect and Collaboration. Each part for an hour. So, it takes 4 hours and a brake of 15 min between 2 parts in needed. About Sangdee. Sangdee. Art Gallery · Amphoe .

At the end of Sergei Loban's film Chapiteau-Show, consisting of four novellas, got into Russian distribution after having premiered at the Moscow IFF in June. The four novellas titled “Love”, “Friendship”, “Respect”, and “Cooperation ” can, according to the filmmakers, be watched in any order. A conversation on serious. Plot synopsis. Chapiteau-show is a film dealing with how people's relationship reflect on their social intercourse and bonding – telling how tragically everything tend to seem from within, and how comical it really looks from the outside. The protagonists of the four stories told in the movie are connected to each other to a . 26 Jun At a Crimean resort, various characters cross paths with one another across an intricate multi-story narrative. Among them are a mismatched couple who meet on the Internet, a group of deaf people, an estranged father and son, and a young promoter trying to make a star of a lookalike of the late Russian.


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