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Extreme burn 2.0 dvd

Change a whole pile of 1's into a pile of 20's or 's. NO PALMING IS REQUIRED! Show bills cleanly, one at a time, on both sides. Lay them FLAT OUT in your hand. With NO COVER whatsoever, shake the bills. INSTANTLY they change. That's it. No Folding. No funny moves. Nothing. The bills just CHANGE!. This is Extreme Burn Locked & Loaded from Richard Sanders. The new locking system for Extreme Burn Everything is covered in nearly 3 hours on the DVD, covering setting up the bills to performing the changes, and all the handling tips and subtleties in-between. As an added bonus you will also learn Richard. Find great deals for Murphy's Magic Extreme Burn by Richard Sanders - DVD. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

Nov 15, Extreme Burn by Richard Sanders DVD The MOST VISUAL Bill Change system EVER and now COMPLETELY EXAMINABLE! Description Extreme Burn is back WITH. If Richard Sanders had just put out one note change effect and then stopped thinking about it, then we'd only have 'Slow Burn' and no extreme burn. I can't imagine how he could better extreme burn, but I can't wait to find out what he has done with it. We are free to not buy if it's just a dvd of different. Profile of John McLaughlin. Post Icon Posted: Aug 16, pm. There are no likes for this post. 0. Absolutely. There are a few methods covered on th Extreme Burn DVD, not sure if it they were included on the original handling.. John McLaughlin, not CIA John McLaughlin. MrX. View Profile.

With extreme burn I did notice I was getting sloppy with a possible 'flash' to the people on my right. . Of the DVD, so far it's excellent I must say, top notch and only will defiantly not be just another one of them gathering dust in my drawer, hope to have time over the weekend to watch in full and put it to use. Nov 1, "Extreme Burn " is easily the most "magical magic effect" I've seen this year. You read the I'm usually not a fan of pricey DVDs with only one effect on them ( and the gimmick here would cost you less than a dollar at a hardware store), but just the wealth of information on this makes it worth it. Sanders.


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