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, the year Star Wars: Pit Droids was released on Windows. Made by Lucas Learning Ltd. and published by Lucas Learning Ltd., this puzzle game is available for free on this page. If you have trouble to run Star Wars: Pit Droids (Windows), read the abandonware guide first!. Star Wars: Pit Droids is a game released by Lucas Learning in It is intended for users age 9 and up. You have to guide a number of pit droids to the Mos Espa Arena from the Freight Ship. The game was re-released for iOS on February 9, The pit droids go through different puzzles. The DUM-series pit droid was a model of repair droid manufactured by Serv-O- Droid, Inc. prior to the Invasion of Naboo. WAC was a pit droid, though he was programmed to be a pilot. Designed for maintaining podracers, pit droids were cheap, durable repair droids. Pit droids stood at a height.

Star Wars: Pit Droids (full title: Star Wars Pit Droids: Logic and Reasoning) is a puzzle game by Lucas Learning. The game develops skills such as hypothesis testing and geometry. Star Wars Pit Droids is a great puzzle game from the fine minds at Lucas Learning. From the nicely detailed graphics to the intricate gameplay to the jazzy soundtrack, this one is sure to appeal to any Star Wars fan young or old. George Lucas has always been interested in using technology to help kids learn, and this tie-in to. Pit Droids poses the age-old math question: "If a droid traveling five miles per hour leaves Mos Espa at dawn, how long will it take to get to the Arena Gate?" Watto, Tatooine's notorious junk dealer, has purchased a large pit-droids shipment to help with the pod races. Naturally, the droids don't know the way.

9 Feb Metacritic Game Reviews, Star Wars Pit Droids for iPhone/iPad, Celebrate the highly anticipated theatrical release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D with Star Wars: Pit Droids. While y. 15 Dec In Star Wars: Pit Droids, both kids who love math and those who don't will enjoy the challenging logic puzzles in this tile-based game. Increasingly complex puzzles engage students in sophisticated thinking as they explore the mathematics of attributes, geometry, sets and networks, while testing out multiple .


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