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Matrox desktop divider

Matrox PowerDesk for M-Series. Desktop Divider. Matrox PowerDesk for M- Series - Desktop Divider. Dividing your monitor into sub-regions just got easier with the new capabilities of Desktop Divider. Personalize your large desktop into smaller equally or asymmetric sized cells customized to view more applications. Stretched Desktop Create an ultra-large desktop to expand a single application across all screens. Independent Desktop Set displays independently from one another to open different applications within each screen. Clone Mode Duplicate content to show the same information on all displays. Desktop Divider Split up your. Effectively manage your computing environment with Matrox PowerDesk software. Included with all M-Series graphics cards, Matrox PowerDesk empowers you to manage and customize your multi-display setup for the ultimate computing experience.

I'm using a Laptop primary Display x plus a secondary Matrox Dualhead2Go which enables me to use TWO physical screens á x, seen by the system as ONE screen á x, in addition to the primary screen. 29 Mar The Matrox Desktop Divider The Matrox Desktop Divider software allows you to divvy up the display between the two external monitors depending on their resolutions and capabilities. For our testing, both the automatic mode and a custom configuratio. 18 Matrox PowerDesk-SE PowerPoint Support for Stretched Desktops. The Desktop Divider feature of the PowerDesk-SE display drivers allows you to view a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation on a single display unit of a multi-display stretched desktop. Without PowerDesk-SE

Matrox ha annunciato la disponibiità di una nuova feature integrata nei drivers SE e progettata per le schede grafiche destinate al settore finanziario, assicurativo e di gestione d´impresa. Si tratta della funzionalità Matrox Desktop Divider che permette di suddividere l´area del monitor in varie sottoaree come.


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