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Oi. Your browser is not supported. Your browser is too old and missing some key goodies. To use the Font Awesome website, you'll need to use a more modern web browser. SVG with JS Modern, easy and powerful with new features, and the most backwards compatibility Web Fonts with CSS The classic way of using Font Awesome icons - great for die hards and older browsers Copy it into your project's static assets directory (or where ever you prefer to keep front end assets or vendor stuff). Download the fontawesome package from their website. Extract the package where you will find the file. Copy this file to your css directory; copy all the fonts files from the extracted fontawesome package to your fonts folder. Finally add the to your html page by giving respective location of.

Just curious, how exactly do you know the fonts are not being pulled in? Is it because you are unable to create icons using font-awesome? Aside from that, if you installed font-awesome with bower, npm or pulled from github it should have the following directory structure. font-awesome css. Now take all fonts file and put in your theme fonts folder. and use @font face to add in css like this: @font-face { font-family: 'fontawesome'; src: url('../fonts/ fontawesome/') format('truetype');. } Also take css font- library and put in your theme css folder and attach in. If you can point me in the right direction, I'll be able to figure it out. FROM FONTAWESOME EASY: Default CSS Use this method to get the default Font Awesome CSS with the default Bootstrap CSS. Copy the entire font-awesome directory into your project [INTO WHAT DIRECTORY? “PROJECT” IS VAGUE.].

18 May Instructions for installing and using Font Awesome on HubSpot's COS platform. 7 Jan IP Geolocation Views & Maps Font Awesome extension The optional Font Awesome directory was not found, so you will not be able to superimpose any Font Awesome symbols on top of your markers. Font Awesome What is the correct path for font-awesome libraries (meaning, not sure if this is a. 29 May Download and expand the latest version of Font Awesome; I'm using From your Font Awesome directory (mine is font-awesome), copy the css and fonts folder to your theme. If using Maven, you'll copy them to the src/main/ webapp directory of your font. If using the SDK, you'll copy them to the.


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