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Disable image wordpress

9 Jan You can disable right click on your website and make it more difficult for an average user to steal your image. Here are two plugins that you can use to disable right click on images in WordPress. Envira Gallery. Envira Gallery is the best WordPress gallery plugin in the market. Apart from helping you create. 8 May A simple solution that allows you to disable image attachment pages in WordPress and redirect users to the parent post page instead. Hi everyone, I need your help. I'm using a premium WP Theme and the Visual Composer to build my pages. I would like to disable download of images directly from browsers.(The usual right click and “Save as” option). The images are a bit private and my client doesn't want people to download them.

One of the more unknown features of WordPress is that it automatically compresses any JPEG or JPG image file that is uploaded in the Media section and/or edited in the TinyMCE post editor (WYSIWYG). Although the goal of this is nice — to reduce the size of files, thus improving speed or reducing bandwidth — ultimately. 29 Aug The other day i was going through and doing some on-page SEO clean-up of my site and I noticed multiple “image pages” indexed on Google. Whenever you add an image to your post it automatically attaches a link to the image that goes to a blank post (WordPress stores attached image data as posts in. 14 Apr WordPress responsive images are awesome. But some people want to use their own methods to implement. This post explains how to disable WordPress responsive image functionality so that you can use your own methods. It makes things easier when you don't have to wrestle with what WordPress is.

15 Feb This article is about disable image attachment pages in WordPress and how to get rid of them. Some of you may not know that every time you upload a media file such as an image or video, WordPress automatically creates a dedicated page for the media file. That is exactly why when you click on an image. 21 Jan I've been looking around the net for a long time on how to disable WordPress from creating multiple thumbnails. I've seen in most tutorials to set all the images to 0 in the media section. I have done that, but going to my uploads folder and it still creates multiple images. I can't find any solution for this. The reason I want this is. 8 Dec To stop WordPress from generating different image sizes, you'll need to follow these 3 steps: Step 0. Check your WordPress hosting; Step 1. See how many additional sizes WordPress is creating for your image; Step 2. Stop WordPress from generating image sizes; Step 3. Remove default code from.


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