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Life as a creeper mod 1.2 5

Do to life taking it's toll on my time, I don't have as much time to update this mod like I would like to. So if you would like to aid in the mods development please don't be shy. UCreepingBro for Works with HD Texture packs Want to play on an amazing server with me and the gang Factions PvP Mob Arenas what more could you want Hop onto Before you post i made a video and now im going to make a series on it just about a creepers life blowing up people for miecraftia. Jan 30, Drakus's Mods, Stronger Gold, Craftable Chainmail, Peaceful Creeper, Better Magma Cube drops, Throwing Daggers, Arrow Mod. Forum · , No . Zombie Apocalypse Mode, An added mode that is similar to hardcore in that you get one life and it's stuck on hardest difficulty. It gives you one live.

Dec 16, The Creeper is a hostile mod that will am-w-bush players and explode, causing damage to the player and the surrounding blocks and entities. Unlike Zombies However, they do not do this in unless you're in creative mode and the creeper isn't aggressive. If the skeleton . trolololol i gots life hakz. Mar 22, Mutant Creatures is a mod created by thehippomaster21 that adds a number of fully animated mini-bosses that are essentially more enhanced and deadly Mutant Creeper. Attacks/ Special Abilities. Direct Attack; Jump Attack; Spawning Minions; Charge Attack. A comparison of Minecraft biomes and their real life counterparts.


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