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Minecraft huge football stadium download

Minecraft huge football stadium

Fictional stadium created only by BeierHincha. Pitch size is x68 blocks. Stands Height 80 blocks. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THE DOWNLOAD IS WORKING OR NOT. This was created by mrc93 on you can come on and I will show anyone around the stadium and the surrounding area. To get there warp mrcstadium You can play football in this stadium using a high knockback item and a spawned mob. I have added a world download which i made. My Personal Stadium. I made the team my self. Will have a Schematic when finished MCedit Trouble. If you LIKE this Project please Download. Diamond.

So the snow/ice that blanketed most of the U.S. has kept me stuck in my house all week. I have been bored out of my mind so yesterday I decided to begin work on a huge minecraft project I had always thought about but never got around to starting, a huge football stadium! I have had Minecraft for a few. This is a very huge Map, I'm working on this World since 2 years. The Map contains 4 bigger Citys and a lot of smaller Villages. All are connected through Railways. Furthermore there are 2 Airports, A Nuclear Power Plant, a rebuild of Tshernobyl and a few Buildings from Movies or Reallife, like the Empire State Building or.


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