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Adam Strange is a science fiction superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Created by editor Julius Schwartz with a costume designed by Murphy Anderson, he first appeared in Showcase #17 (November ). History. Origin. Adam Strange was once a mere human archaeologist, one day while working on a dig in Caramanga, South America, Adam was transported to the planet of Rann via the Zeta-Beam. Their leader Sardath had invented the Zeta Beam, which could teleport matter over light years of distance. He immediately. Templated Articles, Disambiguation Pages, Adam Strange. This is the Adam Strange disambiguation page. Adam Strange is the human champion of the alien planet Rann, an archaeologist who fights monsters using a jet pack and ray gun.

20 Mar Sometimes, becoming a superhero is a matter of training hard, practicing your craft and honing your skills. Sometimes, it's all about using the gifts you were born with. Sometimes, it runs in the family. Other times, it's just sheer, dumb luck. Adam Strange was an archaeologist who was suddenly teleported. A sci-fi character that started during the 50s has held true to the traditions of the typical sci-fi hero archetype with a love story. Adam Strange is also Life's thinker of the Aberrant Six. 13 May Adam Strange was introduced in Showcase, a comic book series from the s and s which served the purpose of introducing a character to see if they might be a popular addition to the DC lineup. This featured such additions as the creation of the silver age Flash (Barry Allen). Adam Strange was.

10 Jan Krypton has plans that extend well beyond the doomed locales of Superman's homeworld. The series' inclusion of Adam Strange, for example, plays up the use of time travel within the series. But while the initial announcement of the obscure character excited many of DC Comics' faithful, other fans. A human archaeologist, Adam Strange wanders into a beam of light near an excavation site in South America. Unbeknownst to him, this "Zeta Beam" is of alien origin, and it immediately transports him to its source: the planet Rann. There, he immediately meets Alanna, the woman destined to be his wife, and her father.


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