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Protection penalties (increase jail sentence if player is not behaving well); Guards that will kill player if he tries to escape; Data is stored in either SQLite or MySQL. Supports multiple worlds; Jailing without commands via item; Supports escaping for role play servers. Allows players to vote a player to be jailed. Plugin Stats. We are running your Jail on our Bungee servers. I just move the player I wish to jail to my lobby server then /jail them. To make it easier for me, I plan on using the MyCommand plugin to stack a set of commands which will allow me to set up something like (/dcjail $name $reason $time) and have it go out and grab the player. /jailtransferall [old jail] (new jail). This command will transfer all prisoner from one jail to another. If you don't specify destination jail, plugin will automatically select another nearest jail. Use when you want to do some maintenance on jail and don 't want anyone to bother you.

Very simple plugin to jail rulebreakers for a specified time!. JailTime. Send players to jail. JailTime allows the caller to create Jail Cells and place players in them. Players in Jail Cells cannot move more then X yards from the cell and will die/teleport back to the cell if they move too far ( disconnect and suicide will also teleport you back to the cell). You also have the. I am starting a jail server does any one no any good jail plugins i cant seem to find any good ones.

Smart Jail Doors (vbeta, ) Smart Jail Doors review. Description It's plugin for Jail Break servers. Plugin provides API for creation plugins in which need Open/Close/Toggle jail's doors. Also plugin allows to create custom buttons on map (it helpful on maps with no buttons, example.


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