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Intermodulation calculation software

SIFM Sennheiser Software. SIFM is the Sennheiser Software for rapid calculation of intermodulation-free radio frequencies for wireless microphone systems. Interference due to intermodulation generally occurs when at least two transmitters close to the receiving antenna produce very strong signals in the receiver. The two. Midian's InterMod Calculator predicts the possible occurrence of intermodulation products that may cause receiver interference. Midian's INTERMOD-CALCULATOR predicts the possible occurrence of intermodulation products that may cause receiver interference at the radio repeater site. Other features of our Intermodulation Calculator include the support of frequencies from 1 MHz to GHz, orders from 2nd to.

Question: I am looking for an online program that calculates RF intermodulation ( IMD.) I know that Shure offers the Wireless Workbench. Is there anything else like that available online? Answer: Here is a web site with an IMD program: RF Intermodulation Calculator The Shure software is Wireless Work Bench. IAS will perform multiple calculations to find open frequencies that are free from overlapping analog and digital TV signals and intermodulation distortion. This saves tremendous time over traditional trial-and-error methods. Once a clean frequency is found in IAS, a simple pre-show equipment test will verify the software's. Of the free programs out there that I've tried, I like this one best: WL7AML INTERMOD PROGRAM It's an old DOS program, but it is the only free program that I know of that properly deals with multi-channel radios. If you give several frequencies the same name, the program assumes it's a multiple channel.

IMP Calc is a stand-alone Windows utility that simplifies the task of calculating, viewing and evaluating intermodulation products. For more information see IMP Calc product brochure and Getting Started Guide available opposite, or download a trial version of the software from the Downloads area. A key code is available to. 21 Dec Calculate intermodulation products from 2 and 3 frequencies. It can be a tremendous job to calculate the intermodulation products from several frequencies, below is a calculator that calculates the intermodulation product from two and three frequencies. On-Line calculators. This website offers a collection of on-line RF tools. The tools are collected from all over the web. RF Calculator. Conversion from and to various RF units. Intermodulation. Calculate intermodulation for 2 and 3 frequency's up to the 9th order. Other on-line calculators. There are more calculators on the.


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